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Descriptions of artwork: the half-profile is a sketch of the young Pfefferkorn in "Sonora Moonlight"; the dark frontal view is Pfefferkorn after 8 years of imprisonment and "questioning" in Spain from "The Storks of La Caridad." The sketch with hands clasped is the elder Pfefferkorn in "Unrest in Eden."

Read Dr. Weinberg's blog on "Sleuthing for Ignaz," an account of her travels in Europe to search for
Pfefferkorn's actual whereabouts and history.

The Historical Novels

Seven Cities
of Mud
Twilight Times Books, 2008
*2008 New Mexico Book Award Finalist in Historical Fiction.

Poli, a widowed Pueblo woman from Puaray on the Río Grande, is wooed by aggressive, sadistic Mákta.

Franciscan Fray Agustín wheedles permission to mount an expedition to evangelize the Pueblo Indians of the Río Grande. He recruits two priests, Friars Francisco and Juan, and nine soldiers, commanded by Captain Chamuscado. This is the second expedition up the river after Coronado's. The small party arrives near Puaray and persuades Poli to guide them. Two men fall in love with her: Fray Francisco and Cantor, the Indian interpreter. The soldier's mutiny, turning the expedition into a gold-and-silver hunt. The priests become prisoners. Mákta begins a relentless pursuit: Poli has spurned him for these outlanders; he will have his revenge. Fray Juan starts back to Mexico to denounce the captain to the authorities but is mysteriously killed. The party ranges eastward to the Pecos where they hunt buffalo and westward to Zuñi, but winter weather drives them back to Puaray. The captain decides to return to Mexico; the Franciscans stay. Mákta returns to Puaray with explosive results.

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